We Create Experiences

That makes a Candidate Successful

  • Academic Independence

    We are an Autonomous Body having full independence over the Academics.


    We have our own Governing body, BoS, Academic Council, Controller of Examination.


    This is where we stand out-of-the box, by providing training and placing our students in MNC's.

  • Team

    Qualified and Industry Exp Faculties.


    We follow Mentor System which guides student in a right way.

    Icing Over the Cake

    Apart from academics we provide Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lecturers from Industry Experts.

Add-On to Our Family

These make our students stand out of the box.


The LEaders Accelerating Development Program (LEAD), a program of Deshpande Foundation, Hubballi, Karnataka. Our Students are actively invlolved in lead programs which includes the social service activities.


ICT Academy is an initiative of Government of India in collarboration with the state Governments and Industries.

Our Extra Activities
  • 30 Workshops

    50 Seminars

  • 45 Guest Lectures

    8 Fests

Latest News
  • When I was in a dilemma to choose a degree college after Pre- university, it was KLES BCA that guided me in a conscious way to choose the right course and shape my career the way I wanted. It is KLE's BCA Department of the college which groomed me for what I'm today and all accolades that I have achieved in my degree life. Every member of the institution right the Head of the department Smt. Jyoti Maned to every faculty and support staff have played the key role in what we are being today. In all directions for a student may it be in the field of schooling, lecturers, extracurricular activities, sports including NCC and NSS there was a huge room for it, which the students could vouch for and I took the opportunity to become a Cadet and I was supported at every level. Whatever I have learnt in life, our college has given the lion share of experience to me. I'm glad that I'm an alumni of KLE's BCA Hubballi.

    Mr. Kirankumar JAccenture, Pune
  • KLE's BCA: How much ever we express it's still not sufficient. It's Heaven! A lot of students enter college hoping for a long lasting friendship links, good times, proficient knowledge and in some case a new sense of life. Attending college was a great experience it shaped me to who I am today. College life helps you to discover yourself as you learn new things every day. When I look back my college days, these are the best days in my life because I belonged to crazy group of friends, we spent our time doing exciting activities throughout. Everyone has progressed to where they are in life because of their lecturers. A lecturer is the person who shapes the future of everyone by providing best education to her/his students. Lecturers plays a great role in the education of every student. A good lecturer has many qualities and fully able to make his/her students successful in life On the whole, Fantastic memories to flourish in this college.

    Mr. Chandramouli Prabhakar,Accenture, Hyderabad
  • “All success resets expectations for what comes next.” I think the organization does an amazing job. I know how challenging it is just running an organization like ours and appreciate the enormous effort put in by many people in centers and the organization worldwide. It takes huge effort to organize educational programmers such as those we have available to us. There is a need to continue to develop, but how wonderful we have teachers of KLE BCA and their wisdom available to us as resident and visiting teachers and through the Online Learning Centre. The values that shared by our teachers are what drives people like us to work together and innovate. A set of shared values allows a mission to be more than words, but only if those around us embrace the values with authenticity and conviction. We live in a cynical world where conflicting data and untested opinions are communicated broadly in real time. These values which was built by our teachers help us in our corporate life.... After being placed in such esteemed and reputed company Wipro. I owe this all to the persons who helped me, believed in me and each student of KLE BCA college, lifted our confidence, helped us in all possible ways to make our careers and future bright. All I can say about our teachers, mentors is that "The essence of the guru is wisdom: the perfectly clear and radiant state of mind in which bliss and the realization of emptiness are inseparably unified". I look forward to seeing what comes in the future and hope I’m around in this life long enough to connect with even a small portion of what’s already on offer. Lastly, all i can say is: A pure road to pure wisdom and pure happiness…that’s the college that is KLE BCA for me. Unless you want to be engaged, no programs and tools will work.”

    Ms.Pooja PujariWIPRO, Bangalore.
  • “The Three-year journey of BCA with KLEs PC Jabin college has been wonderful. I feel proud to be a part of this college, where my hidden talents were developed by excellent faculty members. It gave me a platform to excel on my strengths and to work upon my weaknesses. I had placed in two well reputed firms namely Infosys Pvt. Ltd and Wipro.,. It only became possible due to the efforts made by college Placement Cell. The Placement Cell of our college acts as an interface between the students and the various industries. Not only it provided us information about various placement drives, but also it prepared us for those drives through different seminars, training sessions and aptitude classes. I would like to express my gratitude towards our HOD - Mrs. Jyoti Maned, our Placement Head - Mr. Siddu Kadakol and all the faculty members who guided me and put their faith in me throughout the years. I owe a lot to my college both professionally and personally. Now I proudly say I have been working in Infosys from 2.5 years as a Senior Technical Process Executive”.

    Ms. Keerti ChalaseInfosys, Pune.
  • KLE's BCA Hubli is just not a college, it becomes the second home to the students studying there. It's induction program in the first week of college filled me with enthusiasm and courage that I could achieve what I want if I try. It being autonomous has chosen an excellent syllabus that helps an individual stand out in this competitive world. Approachable faculty and friendly atmosphere helps up grow in and out. The college not only focuses on the curriculum but also conducts various events which gives us the glimpse of outside world and how to work in it. It gave me a strong foundation that has helped me to take steps towards my success. I am proud to be a part of this institution.

    Ms. Siddhita PaiTCS, Bangalore.