About YouthsMania

As the legacy of "KLE's BCA Hubballi" continues, the PU college fest "YOUTHSMANIA" is hosted and organized by the BCA students for PU students on 7 January 2023. This event is basically conducted to enhance and boost general knowledge with their Creativity & Fun. This forum focuses to develop the overall skills among the students This event provides the platform for students to exhibit and develop their talents.

General Instructions

  • 1.Exclusively for the PUC-II year students.
  • 2.Participants must be in venue - KLE's BCA P C Jabin Science College Hubli on 7 January 2023 by 8:30 am.
  • 3.Last Date for registration : 4 January 2023
  • 4.Participants must be in their Uniforms and carry college ID Card / Library Card.
  • 5.Same Participants cannot participate in more than one event.
  • 6.Misconduct / Behaviour will be treated as disqualified on immediate grounds.
  • 7.Judges decision will be final.
  • 8.The college deserves the rights to make any changes if the situation demands.
  • 9.One faculty only can accompany the team.

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Here we have list of Subevents with rules and regulations.

MASTER MIND “The Maze of Intellectual battle”

Pursuit of technical knowledge and to test the student’s retention and accumulation of knowledge towards application of concepts.

SHUTTER BUG “Passion+Patience*Persistancy”

We KLE’S BCA college students conduct this photography event called Shutter Bug and offer you the great opportunity to show case all your photographic talents.


Drawing is an art of producing images on surface by means of ink,crayons,colours which brings out your creativity. This is an event which brings out the talent and creativity with technology.

GAMEZVILLA “Play beyond reality”

The future you get into technology, The future you go into gaming. We set up a situation and let you interact with it and see the consequences of your choice. That's what virtual world does!

VERBATTLE “Bridge between Perplexity and Clarity”

Being able to communicate effectively is a key skill that nearly all professionals need to succeed in their role. It helps to develop communication skills, confidence and enthusiasm.

BEST CAPTAIN “Team Work Makes Dream Work”

The Best Captain Event is to identify the student with the traits of a good leader and to bring the skills, knowledge, courage, confidence and the strategies to solve the problems.

Contact Us

    Prof. Sunil Vernekar

Faculty Co-ordinators :
Prof. Manjunath Patil             Prof. Vishwanath Patil
(8095123020)                                        (7760674843)
Prof. Sharada Mulkipatil               Prof. Ophelia Frenandes
(9449680932)                                        (9886508948)

Student Co-ordinators :
Mr.Yuraj Mane                                     Miss.Soniya Raibagi
(8867464974)                                         (9108576854)

General Secretary :
Mr.Sampath Yaragal